The SafeZone: Women’s Only Classes

Our SafeZone Women’s Only classes are designed to help YOU become fitter and more confident.

Using the principles of the SPEAR System and those of Krav Maga we will give you the tools and tactics to defend yourself and your loved ones while at the same time helping you stay in shape.

Kid Friendly

We all know how difficult it can be for mums find the time to work out and meet other people with young children. That’s why we offer our women only self-defence and fitness class in an environment that is suited for mothers and children to come along and work on mobility, fitness and self-defence skills in a friendly, fun and safe environment.

In fact you are encouraged to bring your child(ren) with you so they can see that taking care of yourself and staying fit and health is desirable as they grow up.

Classes are designed to be pre-school kid friendly, meaning there is no bad language or anything that may be scary to the young one.  They can even join in with some of the exercises and practise taking control of their lives with specially adapted self-defence drills.

If you need to take a break to care for your child(ren) then that’s fine too, classes work around your needs.

The SafeZone classes are run on a term time basis so fit in with your busy family schedules. Classes are on Monday afternoons at Queen Elizabeth Park Community Centre, Railton Road, Guildford from 1300-1400. 

The instructor, Stephen, is an expert in Krav Maga and is a SPEAR Fundamentals instructor. He has experience in fitness training, including working with pre- and post-natal athletes, kids and infants. He is a father of an adult son and of two young girls.

Classes are currently being held on Zoom until the lockdown is over. Just send us a message below for more details.

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